Local Government
  • Importance of Local Government

    Don’t underestimate the power of local government and the importance of your participation. Stay up to date and involved in local politics. Your local government handles issues involving local police and emergency response; local housing policies; public works (streets, sewers, signage, etc.), and the public school systems. Pay attention to and participate in who gets elected, attend a city council meeting or town hall. These are opportunities to make your voice and concerns heard.

  • Policy

    Policy is everywhere, from local school systems to our federal government. If we can understand how policy works we can work towards getting equitable policy written. Policy is determined by an elected official when delegating who gets what essential resources and when and how they are distributed. Good and effective policy is enacted when citizens and voters are up-to-date and educated on current legislation. To reform policy, we must unite in grassroots collectives, reform teams, interest groups, and social movements to gain the acknowledgement and support of politicians and political parties. Policy and lawmakers won’t know the needs of the people if we don’t collectively make our causes known. We must hold politicians accountable to their responsibilities as elected officials.