We The People Are Powerful started out as a response to the 2016 election. Creator Benjamin Charbonneau found himself realizing he needed to brush up on his civic knowledge, an area that he hadn’t thought about since his 12th grade government class.

After reeducating himself on the basics, he realized how opaque and inaccessible these topics can be to the average citizen. So, he decided to change that. Partnering with Scout Book’s Equity Alliance, they made it their goal to create a book that was educational and exciting to read, this was not going to be your average civics book.

Ben worked with teammate and friend Chloë Miller to bring this book from idea to reality. Together they reached out to illustrators Sarah Mirk, Sarah Day, Jillian Barthold, and Samantha Cohen to illustrate the information and Chloë designed the book's layout and contributed hand lettering. They printed and dispersed 1200 copies around the city of Portland, Oregon — from City Hall to community spaces. They wanted to make sure that these books were truly accessible.

We The People Are Powerful: A Visual Guide to Understanding your Civic Liberties is the first release from the Scout Books Equity Alliance. Learn more about the project here!


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Content Development: Benjamin Charbonneau, Chloë Miller
Copy Editing: Benjamin Charbonneau, Lindsey O’Brien, Daniel Bullard-Bates
Illustrations: Jillian Barthold (Cover), Sarah Mirk, Sarah Day, Samantha Cohen, Archie's Press, Chloë Miller
Book Design: Chloë Miller
Book Production: Scout Books
With Support from Rose Lavelle

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